Tribal NECKLACE Brown – Cowrie Shells, Beads and Feathers


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Authentic Papua tribal necklace handmade of cowrie shells, feathers and beads sewn on cotton macrame base. As a symbol of wealth, this necklace is worn by the warriors and hunters of Papua tribes.

This tribal necklace is more than just a decorative object. This traditional handmade masterpiece immerses you in the heart of Papuan traditions where history, culture and tradition blend together. We thank you for supporting and empowering the local artisans.

All necklaces are fully handmade in a traditional manner which is why no two pieces are the same. They possess slight differences, which is what makes the uniqueness and originality of each item.

The necklace is supplied with a stable black metal stand.

SIZE: Diameter: 40cm/ 16″ inches, total height including stand: 45cm / 17″ inches
MATERIAL: Cowrie shells, feathers, beads, cotton macrame, rattan, metal stand

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Decorate your home interior with an unique authentic tribal art. Make your living room, bedroom or working place extraordinary and exceptional. Tribal necklaces wall decoration symbolize wealth and wel–being.

The tribal decorations are full of deep emotions, rich traditions and colourful history of tribal people. Touch the feathers and feel the energy, listen to the stories, enjoy a connection to rich culture and traditions.

  • Authentic tribal art piece
  • Fully hand made by community of artisans at Bali island
  • Natural and organic materials only
  • Original symbol of wealth and well-being
  • Beautiful decoration of bedroom, living room or working place
  • By buying this products you support traditional local communities in Bali

30cm / 12"in, 40cm / 16"in, 50cm / 20"in, 60cm / 24"in